Calculate your financial Sand-Cycle gains

By filling in the core data of your filter plant, we calculate your projected financial savings. For a full (and free) assessment of your plant, please use the “submit”button.

Filter application
Number of filters
Filter area per filter (m2)
Bed height per filter (m)

Total projected financial savings
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The calculated projected financial savings are related to normal operational costs andinclude savings on operational manpower requirements, sand loss, extension ofspare parts lifetime expectancy and energy consumption. The savings are calculatedfor a technical lifetime of the filter plant of 15 years. Expressed in return oninvestment, this is normally less than 2 years.Also very relevant are the non-financial savings: higher uptime, better performance,higher reliability at varying operational conditions and the capability to handle highersolids loadings and/or biological conversion rates. If you want us to execute a quickscan assessment to determine what Sand-Cycle might bring you, please use theSUBMIT button. It is for free.