Brightwork is represented during Aquatech 2019

Do you want to know what kind of projects Brightwork is working on? And what expertise and technologies we have for (waste)water treatment? And do you know how Sand-Cycle works?

Please visit Aquatech 2019 this week November 5-8th in Amsterdam RAI to get the answers. And meet the Brightwork team at the Holland Innovation Park! Brightwork is represented during Aquatech 2019, booth 11.404A, in the Holland Pavilion.

Of course there is time to have a little chat. Or to ask specific questions about current or future projects. Whatever the reason might be for your visit, our Brightwork and BW Products colleagues are looking forward to have you. They would like to share the latest developments in our company. Maybe you spotted an interesting subject recently on our blog or LinkedIn post and you want to know more about it. Then Aquatech 2019 is the perfect occasion to do so.

Brightwork is represented during Aquatech 2019
Gardermoen dashboard

Sand-Cycle receives positive feedback in Norwegian pilot research

Sand-cycle receives positive feedback of researchers that have used Sand-Cycle in their pilot testing with continuous sand filtration at WwTW Gardermoen in Norway. They are enthusiastic about the use of this tool and reported their positive feedback.

International Water Association (IWA) publication

The research, executed on behalf of the Regional Research Council of the city of Oslo, focused upon nitrogen en phosphorus removal in a continuous sand filter after MBBR treatment. Very low effluent levels were consistently established; results have been published by IWA in the 80th Volume, Issue 2, of Water Science & Technology (see this link: to read the full article).\

Robust and easy to use tool

The research team indicated Sand-Cycle to be a very convenient tool for monitoring good operating filter conditions. The results are reliable and, in addition, Sand-Cycle contributed to the quality and intensity of the research. Quick interventions were possible, once Sand-Cycle detected process anomalies, reducing valuable research off-time.

These positive experiences with Sand-Cycle confirm what other users already have experienced. Sand-Cycle frequently receives positive feedback from other international references.

Sand-Cycle dashboard

The Sand-Cycle dashboard below clearly illustrates the recorded distinction between a good and bad performing filter. The scatter between the average and the standard deviation values indicates the homogenity level of the system. Greater spread (thicker band) implies that few parts of the filters flow significantly faster or slower. This case of thick band also depicts relatively lower performance level of the filter.

Sand-Cycle receives positive feedback

The figure above is a Sand-Cycle dashboard of the pilot at RWZI Gardermoen on March 1st 2018. The graph shows the average sand circulation speed (blue line) during 48 hours. In addition, it shows the related standard deviation (upper and lower gray lines). In this way, this graph gives real-time insight whether the filter is running good or bad.

“International successes for Brightwork with Sand-Cycle monitoring”

According to the Water Alliance, the Sand-Cycle monitor and control tool, based on RFID technology, developed by Brightwork and marketed by its sister company BW Products, shows to be a perfect fit for upgrading and optimizing operations of filter plants. The tool is more and more used as an embedded part of continuous sand filters, and proves to be a reliable tool to upgrade existing assets, increase uptime and filter performance. Today BW Products offers service level agreements to its clients including full access to Sand-Cycle and all related support services.

Water Industry Achievement Award 2017 nominee

BW Products together with Aquabio (UK) are selected finalists of the Water Industry Achievement Award 2017 in the category "Most Innovative New Technology of the Year". We are selected for our latest development "Sand-Cycle", successfully introducing RFID technology in the water treatment industry.

The Award is used to underline the industry's leading innovations and best practices in the market today. Please refer to the list of nominees we are competing against:

On May 23th 2017 the Award Ceremony will take place in the VOX Conference Centre in Birmingham, UK


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