The ultimate continuous sand filter asset management tool Sand-Cycle

Continuous sand filters are used all around the world for a variety of applications. Surveys have revealed the majority of these filters are not operated at optimal conditions.

The results are striking: filter performance is not as it should be, and plant consents are at risk. Moreover, the annual costs for mitigating operational issues are considerable and the costs to operate the filters are higher than expected.

Sand-Cycle is the ultimate tool which can easily be implemented at almost all continuous sand filter types.

An innovation based on RFID technology

Sand-Cycle takes the same technology we all know from tagging animals, like cattle and pets, in to the water technology sector.

The purposely selected RFID tags, made out of bio-glass, are moving with the sand bed through the continuous sand filter.

An antenna detects the passing of the tags, and sends it to the Sand-Cycle processing unit where it is turned in to useful numbers to power the Sand-Cycle dashboard.

The filter operator now has near real-time access to the health of the filter process.

"Installing Sand-Cycle showed to be the best way to get the most out of my continuous sand filters.
Very simple but extremely effective with direct savings at hand."

Cost savings

Sand-Cycle has proven to save costs even in normal operations: energy consumption, sand loss, downtime reduction and – last but not least – operators attendance.

Typically the ROI is > 200% and the Payback Period < 2 years. To determine your potential savings, please use the calculator to the left.

Of course, every site is different. To assess your gains in the best possible way, and take in to account all specifics of your plant, please request a site survey.

Dashboard with Health Indicators

Once Sand-Cycle is installed, the real time operational filter status is recorded and dashboards are available 24/7. Any disruptions are reported automatically, which allows operators to act when required.

Filter status comprises of sand circulation speed, the active bed volume, homogeneity of the sand flow and many more health indicators.

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