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Sand-Cycle applied in Switzerland

Full scale trials at WwTP Barbengo in Switzerland are executed to remove micropollutants in the waste water effluent, which is discharged into Lake of Lugano. EAWAG is managing the project which will focus on powdered activated carbon dosing prior to the tertiary continuous sand filters.

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Sand-Cycle now with API access port to optimize sand filter performance

Our Sand-Cycle remote RFID monitoring portal has now been extended with an API access. This allows our customers to integrate the Sand-Cycle output into any local control system.

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How does Sand-Cycle work?

Sand-Cycle has been developed as a powerful tool to improve performance of any type of continuous sand filters, to reduce operational costs ánd to make life easier in the day-to-day operations.

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Video Series BW Products

Interested in learning more Sand filters and curious about how our products work? As of today we have started to record a series of video explaining this. The first one is already online!

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