Latest news from Sand Cycle

Sand-Cycle now with API access port to optimize sand filter performance

Our Sand-Cycle remote RFID monitoring portal has now been extended with an API access. This allows our customers to integrate the Sand-Cycle output into any local control system.

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How does Sand-Cycle work?

Sand-Cycle has been developed as a powerful tool to improve performance of any type of continuous sand filters, to reduce operational costs ánd to make life easier in the day-to-day operations.

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Video Series BW Products

Interested in learning more Sand filters and curious about how our products work? As of today we have started to record a series of video explaining this. The first one is already online!

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Sand-Cycle receives positive feedback in Norwegian pilot research

Sand-cycle receives positive feedback of researchers that have used Sand-Cycle in their pilot testing with continuous sand filtration at WwTW Gardermoen in Norway. They are enthusiastic about the use of this tool and reported their positive feedback.

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